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Miřenka Čechová 

The Voice of Anne Frank




The Voice of Anne Frank speaks to the cares and delights of a thirteen-year-old girl forced to reckon with the extraordinary circumstances of her time. Her message endures far beyond the last pages of her diary to express not only her very special voice but also that of those who survived, those who didn't and those of us who are left to find contemporary meaning in her story.

In a production that features movement, music, spoken text, lighting and sound Mirenka Cechova brings The Voice of Anne Frank to life in a way that is touching, humorous and deeply affecting.


Use of text fragments of the Diary of Anne Frank with kind permission of the Anne Frank Foundation, Basel, Switzerland.


Awards: Outstanding Performance Award (Prague Fringe), Best of Fringe (Amsterdam Fringe), Best of Overseas Porduction Award (National Arts Festival in Grahamstown)





"The response of the students today was confirmation that The Voice of Anne Frank needs to continue to be performed...[it] needs to be seen by all students as it not only focuses on a significant part of our history but speaks in an honest way to the feelings and emotions that young people experience in any era. The talent and dedication of the artists performing The Voice of Anne Frank make the message and the feelings of the story of Anne Frank come alive."


R. Virginia Rogers
Director of Events for Student and Audience Enrichment
Education Division | The Kennedy Center



“Anne’s story is served in a magnificent way. When you hear the cello (played by Nancy), it as if you are hearing her soul — joy, sorrow, frustration, a full range of emotions. When you watch Miřenka, you see her spirit enacted on stage. Stories of the Holocaust need to be presented to us a reminders of truth, and theater can do this for audiences. Theater generates such visceral connections for us and allows for important stories to connect and resonate.”



Amy Wilder

Features Writer

Arts/Life | Columbia Tribune



"The blend of dance, theatre and music ensures that this performance is as hard to pin down as the exuberant spirit of Anne Frank... It offers a chance to see issues of identity and humanity from a new perspective."



Gayle Edmunds

Managing Editor

Entertainment | City Press, South Africa


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Expanding the minds and hearts of our audiences is at the core of our mission as performers. There is no piece in our repertoire more suited to this purpose than
“The Voice of Anne Frank”.

While every performance of this work is special and somehow unique, it is our performances for young people that have had the biggest impact on us. The authenticity of the responses and the power we feel from bringing these audiences so completely into Anne’s world have inspired us to pursue more such opportunities.

We have had great and meaningful success with residencies of various lengths and can tailor our visit to your wishes and needs. The residencies with the biggest impact have been those that give us a chance to work directly with students and to perform the complete piece for them. Our work includes workshops, lecture demonstrations and full performances with a “talk back”. Almost any combination of these activities can provide a lasting and life changing experience for all involved and we look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.

- Miřenka Čechová & NJ Snider





  •   Mini Residency (1 day)

  •   Multi-Day Residency

Lecture/Demo with Workshops


Performance with Q and A


Fees available upon request



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