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Vivisectic researches the representation of female body and the stereotypical roles assigned to it. Two dancers, sitting on chairs and covered from the waist up, start by displaying their legs--as almost in human objects. Adornded with jewels, the legs are a luxury art-work, destined to be at a private collection; another glossy trophy to be bought.


With their faces hidden, dancers mirror each other's movement, passively doing each step, as silent as objects with no voice, fearing to stand up. Theya re not sharing moments together, they are sharing the same stigma.  The only seemingly organic things in this piece are dancers' bodices, made out of fruit and vegetables; however, once revealed, they are devoured and ripped off. Women in the piece are merely images of women, subjected to the traditional female characters: passivity, beauty, lust. They portray their own attributes without any emoitions or vulnerability, which shifts power to the audience to decide and interpret what is happening. As in vivisection, the piece is an experimentation with life organism; this time on the side of the audience.


~ Miřenka Čechová


Concept: Miřenka Čechová

Concieved and performed by Denisa Musilova and Miřenka Čechová

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